149: Your Questions Answered (Part 2)

Jul 11, 2023

Dr. Marie Murphy has received numerous questions, prompting her to return with a second Q&A episode. You can still submit your queries (more details below), and while she may not address your specific situation, there will be something valuable for everyone.

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel you've made mistakes in your relationship and desire to end it but worry about how others will react to your decisions, if you have concerns or doubts about your sexuality as you age, or if you're struggling with the consequences of infidelity, Marie has you covered this week. 

Tune in this week to discover how to deal with wanting to leave your relationship, why you don’t owe anyone a justification for your decisions, and how to deal with other people’s reactions. Dr. Marie Murphy is helping you get clear on what you really want for your future, and showing you how to make decisions you feel good about so you can live your life without regret.

If you’re ready to take this topic deeper in a confidential and compassionate environment, you can schedule an introductory coaching session with Dr. Marie Murphy by clicking here!

Dr. Marie Murphy is planning a Q&A episode to address your specific infidelity-related questions. You can send your questions to her and, if they’re appropriate, she will answer them on the podcast while keeping you anonymous. Submit your questions by clicking “contact” at the top of this page! 

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to communicate to your partner that you want to end your relationship.

  • Strategies for handling the opinions and judgments of others when deciding to leave your relationship.

  • The steps involved in ending a relationship if that is your choice.

  • Cultural norms surrounding sexuality and aging that need to be challenged.

  • Factors to consider when making decisions about secret relationships.

  • How to make decisions that instill genuine confidence and minimize the fear of regret. 

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