When we work together one-on-one, it’s all about you and the specifics of your unique infidelity situation.


Having your coach’s undivided attention can be the BEST THING IN THE WORLD.  Sometimes we just want to have an opportunity to tell a wise mentor All The Things… and then get personalized, ongoing help with all of those things.  Sometimes we want someone to hold our hand every step of the way.  Sometimes we want very focused support.  And sometimes, we know we need someone to help keep us accountable to steadily making progress towards the changes we desire.


When you have me as your private coach, I’m your biggest cheerleader and most ardent supporter… and I also call you on your BS when necessary.  We meet once a week via Zoom, and we examine all the aspects of your infidelity situation, and we find you relief and a clear path forward.

If you want to work with Marie one-on-one, the first step is to schedule an introductory coaching session (75 minutes, $595).

All sessions are held via Zoom and are completely confidential.

Book an Introductory Coaching Session

Introductory coaching sessions tend to go in one of two ways:


If you have a very specific, narrowly defined question that you would like to talk through, we can probably address that question in a satisfying and conclusive way during our 75-minute session. (“What should I do about all of this?” is NOT a specific, narrowly defined question.)

On the other hand, a lot of folks come to the introductory session wanting to talk through the main points of their infidelity situation, and start to get their bearings – and this is a very worthwhile thing to do. Part of my job as your coach is to listen to your story with respect and compassion and curiosity.

Simply telling the uncensored version of your infidelity situation to another human who respects it and gets it is powerful medicine in and of itself. And once we have a pretty good sense of what’s going on within your infidelity situation, I help you identify opportunities to move forward, and if we agree that it makes sense to do so, we can continue our work together in the service of helping you deal with your feelings, clarify what you want, make decisions about what you’re going to do – and then doing those things.

If it makes sense for us to continue working together beyond the introductory session, I offer new clients a package of ten hour-long sessions ($5000). We meet once a week via Zoom.

When you sign up for a package of ten sessions, you’re given complimentary access to the DIY version of “You’re Not the Only One” to help facilitate our work together.


We are a great fit for working together if:

You are ready for change and you want a wise guide to hold your hand and lead the way as you do the courageous work of transforming yourself and your life. 

We are NOT a great fit for working together if:

You expect me to come up with all of the answers, tell you what to do, or magically make your infidelity situation resolve itself.  There’s a great piece of wisdom that holds that you can’t do it all by yourself, but you have to do it all by yourself. 

When you’re ready to do it all by yourself, but you want the best help that’s out there to support you as you do so, it’s time for us to collaborate.   


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