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118: The Intimacy of a Breakup

Your Secret Is Safe With Me with Dr. Marie Murphy | Is Monogamy (Un)Natural?

Breaking up with someone can be a very intimate process. Not every breakup fosters intimacy, but it definitely happens, and it’s incredibly important to be aware of. Sometimes, a person thinks they’re certain they want to end their relationship. They make a clear decision to end it, and they’ll feel great about committing to this path. Then, they’ll prepare to have the conversation that initiates the breakup process.

However, when they actually get to having the conversation, strange things start to happen. You can find yourself feeling more connected to the person you thought you were breaking up with, often for the first time in a long time. This might feel weird, but it also might feel like a potent moment of reconnection, and now you’re unsure what you want to do about it.

Tune in this week to discover why the honesty and intensity of a breakup often reignites a sense of intimacy that seemed otherwise lost. Dr. Marie Murphy is sharing how to recognize whether you’ve been thrown off by the intimacy of your breakup, whether you’ve actually reconnected and want to stay together, and what you need to consider to consciously decide how you want to move forward.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why the process of breaking up sometimes fosters long-lost intimacy in a relationship.

  • How so many people interpret this increase in intimacy as a sign that they shouldn’t end their relationship.

  • Why it’s 100% normal to want to end a relationship, while also feeling sad and nostalgic about it ending.

  • The big difference between not wanting to let someone go, versus actually wanting to be with them going forward.

  • Why intimacy and romance are not the same thing.

  • How to see where you’re defaulting to believing that breaking up is objectively bad, second-guessing all of your reasons for wanting to leave.

  • Why the sense of intimacy you may feel when breaking up is not necessarily an indication that you want to stay in the relationship.

  • 3 things to consider when consciously deciding whether you actually want to stay in a relationship with your partner.

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