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146: Loving Your Decisions

Your Secret Is Safe With Me with Dr. Marie Murphy | Privately Grieving the End of an Affair

One of the biggest themes Dr. Marie Murphy's clients struggle with when they come to her for help is making decisions. With all the unhelpful ideas about decision-making and relationships out there, this comes as no surprise. If you currently believe that there are right and wrong decisions regarding your infidelity situation, this episode is for you.

Most people believe that if they make a "good" decision, they're all set, and if they make a "bad" decision, they're doomed. That's a pretty high-stakes mindset. On top of that, you might not have any helpful tools for making and loving your decisions, and things can get really messy.

Tune in this week to discover how to love your decisions. You have the option of lovingly committing to decisions you have made or loving decisions before you make them. Dr. Marie Murphy is showing you some strategies for making decisions that take into account what you really want, and guide you on how to love your decisions about your infidelity situation.

If you’re ready to take this topic deeper in a confidential and compassionate environment, you can schedule an introductory coaching session with Dr. Marie Murphy by clicking here!

Dr. Marie Murphy is planning a Q&A episode to address your specific infidelity-related questions. You can send your questions to her and, if they’re appropriate, she will answer them on the podcast while keeping you anonymous. Submit your questions by clicking “contact” at the top of this page!


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How, as a society, we’ve largely bought into the idea that there are right and wrong decisions.

  • What it means to commit to loving decisions ahead of time, or loving a decision you’ve already made.

  • The common obstacles people face when making decisions about their infidelity situation.

  • Why it’s understandable that you might fear making a decision you’ll regret.

  • Some steps to consider following if you have a decision to make.

  • How to love your decisions, even if you haven’t made them systematically.

  • Why you don’t have to stick with a decision that you truly don’t like.

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