94: Is It Cheating if Your Spouse Has Alzheimer's?

Jun 22, 2022

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Loretta explains the drastic lifestyle and emotional change that came with her husband’s Alzheimer's diagnosis

  • Why Loretta is a better caregiver and person because of her infidelity

  • Loretta talks about managing intimacy in her marriage — and how her extramarital partner fulfills her emotional needs

  • How can you show acts of love without being intimate?

  • Loretta describes why setting clear boundaries about her bodily autonomy in her marriage was valuable

  • Why you need to take action and pursue your own desires

  • Loretta shares the importance of refusing to rely on others for your own happiness

  • How staying in an unhappy relationship takes a toll on your own wellbeing

  • Why going outside of your comfort zone is an opportunity for growth

In this episode…

It’s easy to feel exhausted when you’re constantly at someone else’s disposal. Society’s biases toward a Martyr Complex can make it difficult to talk about — especially when you’re told to sacrifice your own happiness at someone else’s expense. How can you set boundaries to achieve your own happiness, even when it feels difficult?

Loretta knows what it is like to face challenges, stigmas, and responsibilities as a caregiver to her husband with Alzheimer's. Since her husband’s diagnosis, she had sacrificed her happiness in and outside of the bedroom — until she made a decision. Are you ready to improve your situation and let go of the guilt holding you back?

In this episode of Your Secret is Safe With Me, Dr. Marie Murphy is joined by Loretta to discuss how to create your own happiness and rediscover new joy — regardless of the difficulties in your life. Loretta talks about her husband’s diagnosis with Alzheimer's, why setting boundaries is an incalculable practice in a relationship, and ways to allow growth and happiness into your life through new opportunities while caring for an incapacitated spouse.

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About Loretta

Loretta is in her early 50s and has been having an affair for two and a half years. After receiving the devastating news of her husband's Alzheimer’s diagnosis, Loretta has taken on a tremendous amount of responsibility as his caregiver. By doing this, she lost many things she has always considered essential in a happy relationship, including sex. She felt frustrated, upset, and despondent — until she decided to pursue her own needs.

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