92: Holding Our Desires Lightly With Katy Dion

Jun 08, 2022

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Katy Dion’s inspiration for writing the Modern Love essay

  • How Katy’s relationships, desires, and beliefs about love have evolved over time

  • Katy’s journey to motherhood amidst a complicated relationship

  • What Katy’s personal journey has taught her about desire

  • How Katy navigates her desires in her current relationship

In this episode…

Do you struggle with competing desires in your relationship? Do you find yourself unable to reconcile those longings? Desire is a complex emotion that can take many forms, so how do you learn to navigate all of its intricacies?

For most of her adult life, Katy Dion internalized stereotypes about motherhood and the ideal relationship, leading to conflicting desires. It wasn’t until she tried to separate those desires that she realized she could change her mindset to accommodate both. Now, Katy uses her learnings as a mindfulness-based life coach and facilitator to help partners clarify what they want.

In today’s episode of Your Secret is Safe With Me, Dr. Marie Murphy talks with Katy Dion, a mindfulness-based life coach, chaplain, facilitator, and writer, about rectifying her own desires. Katy shares her inspiration for writing the Modern Love essay, her journey to motherhood while navigating a complex relationship, and her strategies for sharing your desires with your partner.

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About Katy Dion

Katy Dion is a mindfulness-based life coach, chaplain, facilitator, and writer. As a Buddhist eco-chaplain, Katy devotes herself to facilitating experiences for people to heal their relationships with themselves, each other, and the earth. She is an ordained lay practitioner in the Soto Zen lineage and has trained with the San Francisco Zen Center, the Sati Center for Buddhist Studies, and nonviolent communications practitioners.

Katy is the author of several works of fiction and memoirs. Her novel, The Dependents, has been translated into four languages. She brings more than 20 years of somatic exploration experience to her guiding and facilitating approach.

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