8: So You’re Having an Affair—Now What?

Oct 28, 2020

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dr. Marie Murphy gives background on the type of client she typically sees

  • The first three steps to follow if you’re having an affair

  • Why you should to avoid taking shortcuts and skipping straight to a solution

  • Building your capacity to deal with difficult emotions

  • An important feeling to look out for when having an affair: confusion

  • Dr. Murphy talks about imperfection

  • How to get in touch with Dr. Marie Murphy

In this episode…

Guilt. Shame. Embarrassment. These are often the first few words that come to mind when we talk about affairs. What you might not know, however, is that affairs involve a complexity of emotions, including confusion, anxiety, and yes, even excitement.

Recognizing and processing what you’re feeling during an affair requires some real work and hard confrontations. But, if you’re honest with yourself and avoid taking tempting shortcuts, you can make it to the other side with the most important emotion still intact: your happiness.

Join Dr. Marie Murphy on this episode of Your Secret is Safe with Me as she sits down with John Corcoran, the Co-founder of Rise25, to talk about how to deal with the complex emotions that come with affairs. Together, they discuss the different steps you should follow if you’re having an affair, the importance of confronting your deepest truths, and how everyone—even you—is imperfect. Stay tuned!

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