7: Nonviolent Communication with Joyce Swaving

Oct 21, 2020

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Joyce Swaving talks about the key principles of nonviolent communication

  • The first step to having the difficult conversation about your affair

  • Joyce discusses the benefits of being honest and vulnerable with your partner

  • Staying nonreactive when someone else is hyper-reactive

  • How to navigate a conversation about changing the dynamic of your relationship—and when to say “no”

  • The importance of owning your choices and behaviors

  • Joyce shares an essential practice of nonviolent communication: starting with the intention of kindness and compassion

  • How to get in touch with Joyce Swaving

In this episode…

So, you’re in a monogamous relationship and you’ve been seeing someone outside of it. Or, perhaps you’ve found out that your partner has another relationship that you knew nothing about. The question remains the same: how do you talk about it?

For nonviolent communication specialist Joyce Swaving, honest communication is key. But to ensure that you’re communicating safely and effectively, it’s important to practice nonviolence during these difficult conversations with your partner. Joyce’s advice? Enter the dialogue with the intention of having kindness and empathy, try to stay nonreactive, and always honor the other person’s right to say “no.”

In this episode of Your Secret is Safe with Me, Dr. Marie Murphy sits down with Joyce Swaving, a nonviolent communication specialist, to talk about navigating difficult conversations with your partner. They discuss the principles of nonviolent communication, the steps you can follow to have a productive and respectful conversation, and the benefits of being honest and vulnerable with your partner. Keep listening to discover how to make nonviolent communication a daily practice in your relationships!

About Joyce Swaving

Joyce Swaving specializes in nonviolent communication and provides body-positive and sex-positive intimacy education to people of all ages. Joyce is also involved in promoting racial and social justice and is currently the President of the Interfaith Council of Greater Rancho Santa Margarita. Ensuring that everyone—from high school students to folks in their golden years—has the tools and information they need to explore intimacy, sexuality, and connection is Joyce’s life work.  


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