54: Embracing Your Contradictions

Sep 15, 2021

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dr. Marie Murphy discusses some takeaways from a recent news story about a high-profile relationship

  • Dr. Murphy defines contradictions and explains how they relate to people who are having affairs

  • Why should you acknowledge and recognize the value of your infidelity situation?

  • Dr. Murphy shares a story about a time when she resolved contradictions in her own life

  • How to examine your problematic behaviors from neutral terms

  • The importance of having a clear understanding of how a situation benefits you before you take action

In this episode… 

Do you feel stuck in a cycle of conflicting thoughts and emotions? Contradicting feelings can be draining, confusing, and overwhelming — but do they need to be?

According to Dr. Marie Murphy, in order to resolve these contradictions, you must first acknowledge the good parts of your infidelity situation. While it’s essential to recognize these emotions, it doesn’t mean they need to define your relationship. Dr. Murphy says that the best way to overcome these difficult thoughts is to have self-acceptance about the positives and negatives associated with your behaviors — and then take action.

In this episode of Your Secret is Safe With Me, Dr. Marie Murphy talks about finding relief and freedom from the contradicting emotions in an infidelity situation. Listen in as Dr. Murphy talks about the importance of self-acceptance, how she resolved a contradiction in her own life, and what it means to look at your behaviors in neutral terms.

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