51: Dealing with Other People's Opinions, Part Two

Aug 25, 2021

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dr. Marie Murphy discusses the mentality behind why people voice their opinions

  • Why vilifying cheaters is not the solution

  • Dr. Murphy describes how to overcome the fear and judgment of other people’s opinions

  • The importance of embracing discomfort sooner rather than later

  • Dr. Murphy explains why other people’s opinions are not the problem — and why you do not have to believe them

  • Dr. Murphy shares a story about receiving negative commentary and how she dealt with it

  • How to start cultivating a relationship of approval with yourself

In this episode…

What do you want people to believe about you? Other people’s opinions can have a powerful impact on how you perceive yourself. Different people will have positive and negative opinions, but when they are not aligned with your own, it's easy to devalue yourself. 

As Dr. Marie Murphy says, many people conceptualize their opinions of what is right or wrong as being fundamentally correct — but this is not always valid. Although it’s common to desire the approval of other people, it’s important to avoid whittling yourself away because of the opinions of others. According to Dr. Murphy, you do not have to listen to anyone else’s statements or beliefs. Once you understand, value, and accept yourself, you have the power to decide what you believe.

Join Dr. Marie Murphy for this episode of Your Secret is Safe With Me as she discusses how to overcome the fear of other people’s opinions about infidelity. Listen in as Dr. Murphy shares a story about learning to believe in herself, why you do not have to listen to other people’s opinions about your choices, and how to start nurturing a stronger relationship with yourself. Stay tuned!

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