46: Dealing With Other People's Opinions, Part One

Jul 21, 2021

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dr. Marie Murphy talks about how other people’s opinions can impact your life

  • A time in Dr. Murphy’s life when she dealt with a multitude of negative reactions

  • Why Dr. Murphy didn’t let people’s judgments stop her from doing what she wanted to do

  • Dr. Murphy describes how the backlash against her choices influenced her to hide what she had done for years

  • What made Dr. Murphy decide to share her story, and what did she gain from revisiting the experience?

  • Why you have to allow yourself to feel uncomfortable before you can feel better

  • Dr. Murphy explains why doing what’s best for yourself won’t always be accepted by others

  • How can sharing your story with a compassionate listener help you decide what to do with your secrets?

In this episode…

People have opinions about everything. However, when those opinions turn negative and become directed at you, it can feel extremely uncomfortable. Sometimes it might seem easier to try and avoid the discomfort by hiding your true desires or beliefs. But that response typically isn’t what’s best for you.

According to Dr. Marie Murphy, embracing discomfort is sometimes the only way you can truly start feeling better. Doing the right thing for yourself will occasionally result in judgment from others — and that’s okay. The important part is learning how to deal with the way other people view your decisions without letting their opinions derail you from living the life that you want. As Dr. Murphy says, making other people happy shouldn’t come at the cost of your own happiness.

Join Dr. Marie Murphy for this episode of Your Secret is Safe With Me as she discusses how to deal with other people’s opinions. Listen in as Dr. Murphy shares the story of a choice she made as a teenager that caused an onslaught of negative reactions and judgment. Dr. Murphy explains why she kept her choice a secret for many years, what she’s gained from telling her story, and the valuable lessons she learned about coping with people’s judgment and regaining control over her narrative. Stay tuned!

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