39: Healing from Heartbreak with Dorothy Johnson

Jun 02, 2021

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dorothy Johnson talks about why heartbreak is so painful and shares her experience with a difficult breakup

  • Why do society’s views of infidelity have so much influence over our feelings in a relationship?

  • Dorothy explains how doing thought work has helped her change her outlook on cheating

  • How to start dealing with your feelings of hurt, anger, and resentment in an acrimonious breakup

  • The three steps Dorothy uses in her coaching practice to help her clients transition out of heartbreak

  • Attachment versus commitment and overcoming the fear of uncertainty

  • How to navigate the logistical and financial aspects of a breakup

  • Dorothy reveals what she’s learned from being on both sides of infidelity 

In this episode…

Heartbreak can be devastating. And, it’s not just the loss of the relationship itself that is so painful — there are also messy feelings involved with the practicalities of untangling your life from someone else’s. So how do you move forward in a healthy way? Is there a technique for transforming your pain into something better?

According to Breakup Coach Dorothy Johnson, you can turn your pain into power with the right tools and perspectives. As she says, your internal beliefs are much stronger than your external circumstances. So, if you believe that things are going to improve, you have the power to change your situation and create a healthier and happier future for yourself.

In this episode of Your Secret is Safe With Me, Dr. Marie Murphy sits down with Breakup Coach Dorothy Johnson to talk about heartbreak and healing. Together, they explore the difference between attachment and commitment, the logistical and financial aspects of recovering from a breakup, and how to begin the healing process. Plus, Dorothy discusses co-parenting and why the no-contact rule isn’t the answer for everyone. Stay tuned!

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About Dorothy Johnson

Dorothy Johnson is a Breakup Coach and Certified Life Coach who helps women take back control of their emotions, rebuild confidence, and get excited about their life again after a breakup or divorce. Through her coaching practice, women learn to stop obsessing about the relationship that’s ended so they can start focusing their energy on creating an amazing future for themselves. Dorothy is passionate about helping her clients let go of pain, anger, and resentment and step into empowerment and self-confidence.

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