27: Recovering from Trauma in Relationships with Altagracia M. Felix

Mar 10, 2021

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Alta M. Felix explains how her experiences with abuse motivated her to create her coaching practice, R2E

  • How can you acknowledge trauma without becoming trapped in the trauma space?

  • The one thing that you always have the power to change: yourself

  • The importance of reflecting on your experiences without focusing on dividing blame

  • Alta shares the lessons she is teaching her children that she didn’t receive growing up

  • Why spending time alone and staying connected to family and friends is crucial when you’re in a relationship

  • Some of Alta’s coaching techniques: SWOT analysis and the no-no list

  • How to rebuild your trust and learn how to forgive

  • Alta and Dr. Marie Murphy discuss culture’s role in how we process emotions

  • Strategies for dealing with triggers and how to keep your past from coming into new relationships

In this episode…

Getting out of an abusive relationship is extremely difficult, but the work doesn’t end there—not if you truly want to revitalize and reinvent your life. But, where do you begin when you’re ready to start over?

Alta M. Felix understands how difficult it is to move on and begin to heal after surviving trauma. She has experienced firsthand what it’s like to rebuild after leaving an abusive relationship, and now she wants to help other women let go of the past and work toward a better future. With her strategies and techniques, you can overcome your trauma and start pursuing a life full of self-love, trust, and confidence.

In this episode of Your Secret is Safe With Me, Dr. Marie Murphy is joined by Altagracia (Alta) M. Felix, a Certified Money Coach (CMC), Trauma Mentor, and the CEO of R2E. Together, they talk about how you can take back control of your life after an abusive relationship and acknowledge your trauma without letting it trap you. Alta also shares some tips for rebuilding trust, learning how to forgive, and keeping the past out of your new relationships. Stay tuned!

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About Altagracia M. Felix

Altagracia (Alta) M. Felix is a Certified Money Coach (CMC), Trauma Mentor, and the CEO of R2E, where she supports single mothers who are ready to rebuild their lives. As a survivor of intimate partner abuse herself, Alta helps women who share this experience reclaim their power, heal their trauma, and build financially independent lives. Alta is also a member of the Financial Coaches Network and a financial coordinator at the University of Pennsylvania.

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