24: All About Ashley Madison with Isabella Mise

Feb 17, 2021

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Isabella Mise talks about the mission behind Ashley Madison and its current reach and popularity

  • Pre-pandemic trends and themes among Ashley Madison users

  • What is micro-cheating, and why is it so hard to bring up non-monogamy views with a partner?

  • The surprising demographics of Ashley Madison users and a common myth about cheaters

  • How the pandemic is affecting relationships, affairs, and even the terms we use to talk about infidelity

  • The different reasons people have affairs—and the various ways they manage their emotions

  • Is honesty always the best policy?

  • Isabella explains why she thinks having a monogamy agreement is important

In this episode…

Why do people cheat, and how has the COVID-19 pandemic changed infidelity? Is it even possible to have an affair during a pandemic? And, is honesty always the best policy? Perhaps the answer isn’t as straightforward as society likes to presume.  

During her time working at Ashley Madison, Isabella Mise has learned that where there’s a will there’s a way. She has gained fascinating insights from conversations with hundreds of members who use the site regularly. As she says, people have affairs for a wide variety of reasons, especially during a pandemic—and these reasons are generally not what we think they are.

In this episode of Your Secret is Safe With Me, Dr. Marie Murphy sits down with Isabella Mise, the Communications Director at Ashley Madison, to discuss the pandemic’s impact on relationships and affairs. Isabella breaks down some of the common myths and stereotypes about infidelity and shares what the data says about why people cheat. She also explains how people are having affairs in the midst of a pandemic and some of the new infidelity terms to come out of the COVID-19 lockdown. Stay tuned!

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About Isabella Mise

Isabella Mise is the Communications Director at Ashley Madison, a dating website created for married people interested in having discreet affairs. Isabella has worked as a communications strategist for high-profile and global brands for more than a decade. She has a BA in Law and Human Rights from Carleton University and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Public Relations from Humber College.

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