18: Talking to Your Kids About Infidelity

Jan 06, 2021

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What do you do if your affair becomes a family matter?

  • Dr. Murphy’s guideline for what to share with your children about infidelity

  • Why your spouse’s behavior is not something that is under your control

  • The importance of boundaries when other members of your family get involved

  • What it usually means when parents say they are worried about how their infidelity might affect their kids

  • Dr. Murphy’s advice for supporting your children on a long-term basis after an affair

  • How to connect with Dr. Marie Murphy

In this episode…

So, you’ve had an affair and your family has found out about it. What now? Before you can even contemplate making a decision, the first thought that runs through your mind is: what about the kids?
It can be incredibly difficult to navigate complex situations such as infidelity when you’re just dealing with yourself and your partner—but add your children into the mix and it can feel downright impossible. While Dr. Marie Murphy says this is completely normal, there is something you’re going to have to examine if you want to come out on the other side alive and ready to thrive: control. 
In this episode of Your Secret is Safe with Me, Dr. Marie Murphy is joined by John Corcoran of Rise25 to discuss how to talk with your children about issues that impact your family dynamic—whether that’s infidelity, separation, or anything else. Together, they share how to responsibly start the conversation, what to do when more family gets involved, and Dr. Murphy’s advice for supporting your kids beyond the immediate aftermath. Keep listening!

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