166: The Hell of Being Broken up With

Nov 07, 2023

If someone you love breaks up with you, it may hurt like hell. If a relationship that you hoped would continue comes to an end, you may be hurt, devastated, and possibly very pissed off.  

And that’s totally fair and totally reasonable. Sometimes the only possible response to being broken up with is to feel profoundly awful for a while.

In this week’s episode of “Your Secret is Safe with Me,” I talk about why it can feel like you’re dying when a relationship you’ve cherished comes to an end, and what to do if you feel that way. In this episode I make two things clear: your pain is totally legitimate… and there are different ways of dealing with your pain.

Sometimes we don’t WANT to feel better right after a relationship we’ve cherished has come to an end. That’s totally fair. When you’re hurting, you don’t need to rush yourself to “get over it” or “move on” or “let it go.”

But it’s also important to know that you can relate to your pain in ways that perpetuate it and make it worse. Or you can relate to your pain in ways that allow you to honor what you’ve experienced… AND start feeling better, when you’re ready to. And that’s what I teach you how to do in this episode.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How hard it can be to be on the receiving end of a breakup.

  • What you may try to do when you’re feeling unhappy about being broken up with.

  • How to feel better in the aftermath of a breakup when you’re ready.

  • What you can do in the wake of being broken up with.

  • How to shift out of self-perpetuating pain and move towards productive pain.

  • 2 suggestions for being present with the dark cycles of life. 

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