16: How to Have Difficult Conversations with Your Kids with Abigail Wald

Dec 23, 2020

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How do I tell my child about my infidelity or other difficult things that might be seen as “bad”?

  • Abigail Wald shares a hard truth: your children probably know more than you think they do

  • How to be an effective leader for your kids

  • Navigating competing values and priorities as a parent

  • Abigail’s experience relinquishing control in her parenting

  • Why your children are more capable than you think

  • Abigail’s advice for talking to your child about your separation or divorce

  • Abigail talks about a time she was unfaithful

  • An incredible—but complex—question to ask yourself: what do you want?

In this episode…

When something big happens in your life, it doesn’t just affect you—it also impacts everyone around you. This is especially true when you have children. So, how do you navigate talking to your kids about the more difficult life changes, such as infidelity, separation, or divorce?
Instead of descending into a nervous sweat or putting on the cone of silence, parenting coach Abigail Wald says to take it a little bit easier on yourself. Why? Because your children are incredibly capable—and they probably know more than you think.
In this episode of Your Secret is Safe with Me, Dr. Marie Murphy is joined by Abigail Wald, the Founder of Mother Flipping Awesome. Together, they talk about how to handle difficult conversations with your children, navigating the complex boundaries between parent and child, and the importance of relinquishing control as a parent. Plus, Abigail shares some of her hardest parenting moments and how she was able to move forward. Keep listening for more!

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About Abigail Wald

Abigail Wald is the Founder of Mother Flipping Awesome. With Mother Flipping Awesome, Abigail is your personal concierge-style parent advocate, helping you master the human art form of raising children into kind and capable changemakers. Hailed as a parenting “wizard” by her clients, Abigail has created a framework and six-month training program for parents craving more love and less labor.

Abigail is also the host of The Mother Flipping Awesome Podcast, where she shares her radically bold and uniquely loving approach to parenthood. After raising two children who started their lives with serious medical issues, she’s here to help parents navigate their own parenting methods and assure them that their work matters.

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