156: Nurturing a Long-Term Affair (Part 2)

Aug 29, 2023

Dr. Marie Murphy is back to answer the question of how to nurture a long-term affair when both parties never intend to leave their primary relationships. Even if your situation isn’t an exact match for the one described, this episode and the series will still offer you valuable insights into the intricacies of dealing with your infidelity situation.

Last week, you learned about everything for which you can take responsibility in your affair relationship. As promised, this week Marie is going in-depth on the things for which you and your affair partner need to take collective responsibility, and the things your affair partner has to take sole responsibility for themselves.

While it’s always more powerful to focus on what you are responsible for in your relationships, tune in this week to discover the areas where you and your affair partner need to be on the same page. You’ll learn about communication regarding what each party wants, and the significant issues that can arise from relying on rigid agreements in an affair relationship.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why it’s always more powerful to focus most on what you can be responsible for in your relationships.

  • What a conversation with your affair partner about nurturing your affair could look like.

  • Why reaching an agreement doesn’t necessarily mean everyone will uphold that agreement.

  • How you might react when you feel like the other person isn’t upholding their end of an agreement.

  • The mindset that leads to overinterpretation of your affair partner’s behavior.

  • Why your affair partner has their own life to live, and how you can consider and respect that when assessing the agreements the two of you have.

  • How to think about your affair partner’s behavior in a way that actually helps you sustain and nurture the relationship.

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