15: Relationships and the Tarot with Courtney Moore

Dec 16, 2020

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Courtney Moore talks about how she got started with the Tarot and what drew her to the practice

  • The Fool’s Journey: The Magician, The Tower, and more of Courtney’s favorite cards

  • The importance of asking the right questions in the Tarot and in life

  • Why Courtney emphasizes that she is not reading the future with her practice

  • How Courtney uses the Tarot to help people gain perspective on their romantic relationships

  • Courtney does a card draw for Dr. Marie Murphy

  • Using the Tarot as an information gathering and internal guidance system

  • Courtney shares her experience with “cheating”

  • The complexity of compromise

  • How to connect with Courtney Moore

In this episode… 

What’s in the cards for the future of your romantic relationships? Undying love? Heartbreak? Freedom—or constraints?

If you’re curious to know what lies ahead, you may have considered going for a card reading to find out. But, according to medical intuitive Courtney Moore, the Tarot isn’t for future-telling—it’s for guidance. Courtney sees the Tarot as an information-gathering system to help you make the decisions that will best serve you (and that you may have been putting off).

Join Dr. Marie Murphy in this episode of Your Secret is Safe with Me as she sits down with acupuncturist and medical intuitive, Courtney Moore. Together, they talk about how to use the Tarot effectively and earnestly in your life, the complexities of compromise and discomfort, and Courtney’s guidance for people grappling with infidelity. Plus, Courtney does a revealing card draw for Dr. Murphy. Stay tuned for more!

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About Courtney Moore

Courtney Moore is an acupuncturist and medical intuitive based out of San Francisco, California. She has been using the Tarot for nearly a decade for her personal spiritual development and enjoys sharing its wisdom with her patients and clients. Courtney sees the Tarot as a tool for understanding life’s challenges and opportunities with courage and equanimity, as well as a means for putting our individual experiences into a cosmic perspective.

Courtney earned her bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and her master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition to her work as an acupuncturist, Courtney is a nationally-licensed herbalist, a Reiki Master Level III, and is certified in Sport and Health Massage.

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