141: Contentment That Isn’t Dependent Upon a Relationship

May 16, 2023

Last week, Dr. Marie Murphy discussed why loneliness is often a factor in infidelity situations and how to deal with the emotion of loneliness. In this episode, she is going deeper and discussing how to generate real contentment without that feeling being dependent on your romantic relationships.

Whether you do it unconsciously or deliberately, it’s common to expect your partner (or at least want them) to be the primary source of good feelings in your life and an escape from undesirable feelings. As a society, we have decided that if you aren’t in a romantic relationship, you are alone. It’s fine to prefer having a partner (or partners) over not having one. However, it’s time to start creating that feeling of contentment for yourself without relying on a relationship in order to feel positive.

Tune in this week to discover how to generate contentment without relying on a romantic partner to help you create it. You’ll learn how to spot the thoughts that lead to unhelpful beliefs about the necessity of having a romantic partner, and how to pursue what you want from a place of being content without it.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Some of the reasons you may be looking to your romantic partner for feelings of contentment.

  • How, as a society, we glorify romantic love and what being in a relationship means.

  • The difference between wanting a romantic partner versus believing that you desperately need a partner.

  • Why pursuing something from a place of being fulfilled without having it actually helps you get what you want more effectively.

  • 7 simple ways to start finding contentment, peace, joy, and connection that isn’t dependent on a romantic relationship.

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