134: Cheating in Open Relationships

Mar 28, 2023

Sometimes, a couple will have an agreement that they aren’t in a monogamous relationship. They think they have a shared agreement of what non-monogamy looks like and what it’s okay for them to do with other people outside of the relationship. This can work out great for everyone. However, even if you have an agreement about the terms of your open relationship, there may come a time when you do something that your partner considers cheating.

No matter how explicit our agreements may be, each party has their own relationship to that agreement. You may violate the terms of this agreement intentionally or accidentally, and even the best-thought-out agreements can’t prevent this from happening. So how do you deal with accusations of cheating in an open relationship?

Tune in this week to discover the options available to you if your partner has decided you’ve cheated in your open relationship. Dr. Marie Murphy is discussing both sides of the argument, sharing how to empathize with your partner if their view of your open-relationship agreement is different to yours, and she’s laying out how you can move forward together if you decide you want to.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why having shared agreements with your partner is part of what makes a relationship work.

  • How each party in a relationship engages with their shared agreements in their own unique way.

  • What cheating in an open relationship might look like.

  • Why it’s fair for you and your partner to have totally different perspectives on your actions.

  • Some things you need to seriously consider when your open relationship partner has decided you’ve cheated.

  • How to talk to your partner about what they consider to be you cheating on them, without needing to agree or disagree.

  • Your options moving forward if you and your partner have different ideas about your agreement of what non-monogamy looks like.

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