129: Cultivating Clarity and Certainty (Part 2)

Feb 21, 2023

If you’re in the midst of an infidelity situation and you’re confused about what to do next, it’s generally the case that you may be using your mind in ways that are not actually helpful in cultivating the clarity and certainty you crave. For example, you’ll look for advice, like there’s a magic answer out there somewhere. You might try coming up with a solution that solves every facet of the situation in one fell swoop. Or you might latch onto indecision and just wallow in it.

However, when you’re doing this, you’re focusing on all of the things you think are problems, and how difficult they’ll be to solve. So, on this episode, Dr. Marie Murphy is giving you the alternatives when it comes to creating clarity and certainty around your infidelity situation.

Tune in this week to start recognizing that you’re probably not as confused or uncertain as you think you are. Dr. Marie Murphy is showing you how to start intentionally creating clarity and certainty, even if it feels impossible right now, so you can make intentional decisions instead of sitting in the anguish of uncertainty. 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How confusion manifests in an infidelity situation.

  • Why you’re more inclined to focus on what you don’t know, rather than what you do know.

  • How to see where you’re obsessing over unhelpful questions that aren’t helping you make a decision.

  • The value of welcoming uncertainty and being curious about it.

  • Why clarity and certainty will never just come to you.

  • How to intentionally cultivate clarity and certainty for yourself and not reconsider every time your mind has a little freakout.

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