100: The Point of Resolving Your Infidelity Situation

Aug 03, 2022

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dr. Marie Murphy talks about different approaches that can help resolve your infidelity situation

  • Tips for dealing with the discomfort of relationship changes

  • What are the benefits of actively sorting out your relationship worries?

  • Dr. Murphy explains the importance of knowing what kind of change you want

  • How your infidelity challenges can affect your everyday life

  • Dr. Murphy shares guilt-free ways to be self-indulgent

In this episode…

Do you find yourself torn between wanting to resolve your relationship worries and being afraid of negative consequences? What is the best way to deal with infidelity drama, uncertainty, and intrusive thoughts?

Dr. Marie Murphy says it all starts with being faithful to yourself. She shares her advice on various challenges that could seem terrifying and explains how facing these challenges can bring you peace in your relationships as well as in your everyday life.

In this episode of Your Secret is Safe With Me, Dr. Marie Murphy talks about different methods of solving an infidelity situation and understanding the benefits of change. Dr. Murphy explains the importance of recognizing your emotions and needs, how to effect change, and strategies for motivating yourself to live the life you want — without the paralyzing feelings.

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This episode is brought to you by Marie Murphy Ph.D. Relationship Coaching.

Dr. Marie Murphy provides shame-free, blame-free, and non-judgmental relationship coaching. She draws from different philosophical traditions and approaches in order to better understand the human condition and the different types of professional assistance that can be germane to people in complicated relationship situations.

To learn more about her and her relationship coaching practice, visit www.mariemurphyphd.com today and schedule an introductory coaching session with Dr. Marie Murphy to begin the process of resolving your infidelity situation in a way that's truly right for you.

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