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Life Coach specializing in love, (sex)uality, and relationships.

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Dealing With Other People's Expectations
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3 Tips for Managing the Stress of Having an Affair

Having an affair can be exhilarating and stressful. Here are three tips to help you sort through your feelings and dial down the stress.

Writing exercise: Shed Your Stress and Find Peace and Clarity

Are you in the midst of a confusing moment in life? Are you stuck in a situation you can't seem to make peace with? Dealing with drama you don't know how to resolve? This writing exercise will help you work through your thoughts on your situation and help you move forward with clarity. 

Writing exercise: Dealing with Other People's Expectations

If you feel obligated to meet other people's expectations of you (and perhaps feel pretty resentful about that), this writing exercise is for you. What would actually happen if you didn't do that thing everyone wants you to do...?

Dealing with Discomfort: Learning How to Feel Your Feelings

A guide to help you deal with discomfort before it arises and what to do when it does arise.

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Modern Love in the New York Times

If you already eagerly look forward to reading each week's column, we share something significant in common. If you've never read it before, enjoy... and don't be surprised if you spend hours upon hours compulsively reading through the archives.

Audiobooks, in general.

My list of favorites could fill at least a couple of web pages, but if you're looking for a good one, Far from the Tree by Andrew Solomon is at the top of my list. Essential material in the curriculum of humanity.

Academic publications of mine

Hiding in Plain Sight: The Production of Heteronormativity in Medical Education
Everywhere and nowhere simultaneously: The 'absent presence' in medical education
Teaching and Learning About Sexual Diversity Within Medical Education: the Promises and Pitfalls of the Informal Curriculum

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