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153: Your Questions Answered (Part 5)

Your Secret Is Safe With Me with Dr. Marie Murphy | Your Questions Answered (Part 5)

After her recent appeal for inquiries from listeners about their infidelity situations and relationships, Dr. Marie Murphy received enough questions for another Q&A episode. Whether your questions are addressed specifically or not, if you're in the midst of infidelity or relationship drama, there will be something in here for you.

How can you remain friends after an intimate affair? Why do people cheat in the first place? How might the presence of children factor into your decision-making about leaving your relationship for your affair partner? Are you worried about the financial damage of leaving your marriage for your affair partner? Dr. Marie Murphy is answering these questions and more on today’s show.

Tune in this week to discover how to deal with other people’s opinions about your infidelity or your new relationship, how to navigate family dynamics after an infidelity-induced divorce, and how to unpack all of the factors that make decisions about your relationship even more difficult.

If you’re ready to take this topic deeper in a confidential and compassionate environment, you can schedule an introductory coaching session with Dr. Marie Murphy by clicking here!


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why it’s totally possible to be friends with an ex-affair partner if you really want to.

  • How people seek connections outside of their relationship to feel good and avoid discomfort.

  • Why you can always choose to meet a cheating partner with compassion, even if their behavior is a relationship dealbreaker.

  • Some useful things you need to consider about the effect of divorce on children.

  • Why your family life can look any way you want it to.

  • Some thoughts about age difference in an affair.

  • How you can have both security and passion in your relationship.

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