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148: Your Questions Answered (Part 1)

Your Secret Is Safe With Me with Dr. Marie Murphy | Privately Grieving the End of an Affair

Dr. Marie Murphy recently offered to answer any questions that listeners wanted to submit. Well, today is the day, and Marie is here for part one of her series, answering your questions. You can still submit your queries (more details below), and a few similar questions came up. So even if she doesn't address your situation specifically, there will be something in here for you.

Whether you're struggling with your thoughts and expectations of your partner, avoiding looking at your thoughts about your situation, or grappling with other people's judgments about your infidelity, Marie has you covered.

Tune in this week to have your infidelity and relationship questions answered. Dr. Marie Murphy is discussing everything you need to know about your thoughts and feelings, what you need to consider when it comes to other people's thoughts and feelings, how it's possible to have a caring relationship with an ex-spouse, and diving into the nuances of all these topics.

If you’re ready to take this topic deeper in a confidential and compassionate environment, you can schedule an introductory coaching session with Dr. Marie Murphy by clicking here!

Dr. Marie Murphy is planning a Q&A episode to address your specific infidelity-related questions. You can send your questions to her and, if they’re appropriate, she will answer them on the podcast while keeping you anonymous. Submit your questions by clicking “contact” at the top of this page!


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why other people don’t create your feelings, but your thoughts about that person do.

  • How you always have the option of changing your thoughts and interpretation around a situation.

  • The paradox of thought work and why you never have to change your thoughts about anything.

  • Why you might be avoiding looking at your thoughts about your relationship.

  • How to process other people’s opinions about your infidelity.

  • Why it’s possible to have a romantic relationship evolve into another caring relationship.

Listen to the Full Episode:

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