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You're an empowered sex worker. The people you date don't seem to like that so much.

You have a new job. In the sex work industry.

Maybe you’re dancing. Maybe you’re escorting. Maybe you’ve turned your therapeutic massage practice into a business that also offers an array of more sensual options.

You feel pretty good about yourself. In fact, you feel like a badass. You feel like a goddess or god (or gender-neutral deity) of sexual pleasure and you are psyched about the money you’re making and how it allows you to do the things you want to do in your life. You feel empowered and powerful.

But your significant other is not so psyched. Not psyched at all, actually. They want you all to themselves (and who wouldn’t!?). You’re trying to communicate with them openly and authentically and respectfully, but they’re really opposed to your new professional pursuits and you’re starting to think you may have to choose between your job and your relationship. And it totally sucks.

Or maybe you’ve been a member of the oldest profession for a while now, and you’ve struggled with negative reactions from people you’ve dated in the past. You’ve experimented with varying degrees of honesty about your work with people you’ve dated, with mixed results. You’ve kind of resigned yourself to the fact that lots of people have really intense hang ups about prostitution, and lying by omission has usually worked out a lot better than being honest and having to deal with people’s hypocritical bullshit.

This was okay for a while. Except now you’re getting older and you’re getting tired of having to compromise your integrity just because other people have issues about the relationship between sex and money. You want to be with someone who can accept you and your occupational choices without reservation. But you’ve gotten a little cynical over time, and at this point, you’re not really sure that such a person exists.

The idea that you might have to choose between your work and finding a committed, long-term relationship that is predicated upon honesty doesn’t make you happy at all. You feel like this tension between your job and your romantic relationships speaks to a larger issue in your life, but you’re not exactly sure what it is. You’re not sure if this is about your choices about who you date and fall in love with, or about your ability to be clear about who you are and what you want, or about ridiculous societal norms that have no business existing at all, or some weird energetic block that you can’t quite pinpoint.

I get it. This shit is complicated. If you want to talk about it and see if I can help you sort things out, let’s talk. Book a free consultation with me today.

Oh, and if you aren't really sure about the differences between sex work and sex trafficking, take a quick look here.

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