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Surrendering to change
  • Marie Murphy

Surrendering to change

Your new life will cost you your old one.

It’s eclipse season. There’s one on July 2, and another on July 16. Astrologically speaking, eclipse seasons are especially potent times of transformation; moments when we’re invited to get a little more real with ourselves about what’s truly right for us and worthy of our devotion, and what nonsense we’ve been entertaining in our lives that needs to be eliminated. If you want a little more info on all things astrological, I like the work of Chani Nicholas and The Voluptuous Witch very much.

But no matter your thoughts about astrology… releasing resistance to change is a big theme/opportunity within the human experience. Examining your relationship with change is a great idea at any time of year.

Letting go of old ways of being and old ways of doing thigs can be terrifying.

And sometimes, stepping up to the plate of possibility and choosing to actively create new realities in our lives is terrifying.

Humans need a certain amount of comfort and psychological safety and familiarity in their lives in order to go about the business of living. But so often, comfort becomes a goal in and of itself, and familiarity a way of life. To the cost of our evolution; at the expense of us living the most expansive, connected, joyful versions of our lives.

So it’s not a bad idea to ask yourself every now and then, “What would I do more of if I weren’t afraid?” and “What would I do less of – or quit doing entirely – if I weren’t afraid?”

If your answers to those questions seem way too daunting or overwhelming to act upon, rest assured that you can start by making small adjustments. Allowing yourself to honestly acknowledge that you’ve been unhappy in your marriage doesn’t mean you have to ask your spouse for a divorce tomorrow. Finding the courage to admit to yourself that you hate the work you’ve devoted most of your productive life to doesn’t mean you have to figure out your new career path by the end of the week.

Our culture loves to celebrate big, dramatic changes and overnight success stories, but don't let that fool you. So much of the time, change comes from taking lots of little steps. Start where you are and do what you can. Little steps, taken consistently, add up to huge shifts.

What brave step in the right direction can you take today? What tiny, little thing can you do that makes you feel more like YOU? What small action can you take that makes you feel like you’re living the life that’s right for you?

If you’re ready to make some changes in your life and want some help in the process, let’s talk! Book a free consultation with me today to learn about how life coaching can help you live the truest, richest, most wonderful version of your life.

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