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125: Privately Grieving the End of an Affair

Updated: Mar 13

Your Secret Is Safe With Me with Dr. Marie Murphy | Privately Grieving the End of an Affair

When an affair relationship comes to an end and you’re experiencing some grief around that situation, you will probably feel compelled to keep your grief as private as possible. You don’t want others to be aware of your grief for fear you’ll have to explain yourself. So, what can you do with your grief when you can’t see any other option than dealing with it in private?

Grief at the end of an affair is uniquely difficult to deal with. If you want to do your utmost to keep your grief as private as possible, that’s fair enough. However, have you ever considered that you do not have to approach this situation in complete secrecy?

If you truly believe you must hide your grief at the end of your affair relationship and not share the reality of what you’re going through with anyone, this episode is for you. Dr. Marie Murphy is sharing how to deal with this situation in a more empowering way than believing you have to operate a certain way, and offering you some practices you can use when you’re in this kind of pain.

If you’re ready to take this topic deeper in a confidential and compassionate environment, you can schedule an introductory coaching session with Dr. Marie Murphy by clicking here!


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The choices you have around sharing your grief at the end of an affair that you might not be able to see right now.

  • Why it’s okay to keep your grief as private as possible, but you don’t have to.

  • How people generally react to the idea of sharing their grief with others.

  • The importance of giving yourself permission to not be okay sometimes, whether or not you want to share the specifics of your grief with anyone else.

  • Dr. Marie Murphy’s advice to anyone who plans on keeping their grief to themselves.

  • Why you might not actually want to let go of your grief in this moment.

  • Some practical tips for consciously deciding what you want to do when you’re grieving the end of an affair or secret relationship.

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