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Do you feel like a prisoner of your past?
  • Marie Murphy

Do you feel like a prisoner of your past?

Sometimes we feel like we can’t escape the past. Sometimes we feel like the past has tremendous power to define our current reality. We feel haunted by things people did or said to us, or things we did or said to others. Sometimes we spend months or years or even decades telling and re-telling ourselves stories of pain and blame and shame and hurt and heartache.

When we tell ourselves stories about what happened in the past, it can take up a lot of our emotional bandwidth in the present. We think that it’s the past that’s impacting our experience of the present (and the future), but it’s really our continuous re-telling of our stories about what happened in the past.

We experience the past by re-living our memories of it. If we do enough of this, it can have a big impact on any (or all) aspects of our life.

And being stuck in the habit of frequently revisiting memories of the past can have a really big impact on our relationships with our romantic partners. Maybe we’re still mad about that thing our partner did years ago. Maybe we’re still hurt by something one of our ex’s did… and constantly worried that our current partner will do something similar to us, and we’ll be hurt all over again.

The past doesn’t have to have this kind of power over us. It doesn’t have to have ANY kind of power over us!

I know how crazy that might sound. I know how easy it is to believe that the past defines us, and has the power to determine our future. It may SEEM like it does, but it really doesn’t.

If you feel constrained by your past; if you’re sick and tired of your old stories about yourself and your life and your relationships, and want to build a different future, let’s talk. It IS possible to change your relationship to the past. It IS possible to think differently about things that have happened in your life. It IS possible to step into the future unencumbered by old wounds and fears and limitations.

Want to learn more? Click here to book a free consultation with me today so we can talk about how you can create the future you want to have.

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